Irrigation Basics

Spring Start up processSpring start up process

  • Slowly turn water on at source
  • Check vacuum breaker and open isolation valves completely
  • Plug in controller and run the system to ensure things are working correctly
  • Program controller for desired settings

Fall shut down processFall shut down process

  • Turn water off at source
  • Contact Evergreen for winterization (this is done with a commercial air compressor)
  • Open drain at water source for any remaining water that may be in the line (this should be done after the winterization or water could be blown back into the home)

Head Servicing Basics

Q: What do I do if my spray nozzle is clogged?

A: Turn off that station (zone), unscrew the nozzle from the top of the spray head and turn zone back on to flush out debris. Examine nozzle for any debris or obstructions. Reinstall nozzle and check.

Q: What should I do if a sprinkler head is broken?

A: Adjust the run time for that particular zone to -0- minutes. Replace the problem head or call for service.

Q: What should I do if the sprinklers are running and the controller is turned off?

A: Turn off the water at the Vacuum Breaker until zone stops and turn back on to see if problem is corrected. If problem still exists, you may want to call for service. There can be variable reasons for this.

Q: What if I turn a station (zone) on and nothing happens?

A: Make sure that your water is turned on to the system and the valves on the Vacuum Breaker are on (parallel with pipes). Also check to make sure there is power to your controller. If this does not solve your problem, call for Service.

Q: What must I do to prepare my system for winterization?

A: Make sure your water to the system is turned off at the source (i.e. water meter). For a typical residence, this is in the basement separate from the household water.