Sprinkler System Basics

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Common Irrigation Questions

What should I do if my spray nozzle is clogged?

Turn off that station (zone), unscrew the nozzle from the top of the spray head and turn the zone back on to flush out debris. Examine nozzle for any debris or obstructions. Reinstall nozzle and check.

What should I do if a sprinkler head is broken?

Adjust the run time for that particular zone to -0- minutes. Replace the problem head, email us or see our service page for more details.

What should I do if the sprinklers are running and the controller is turned off?

Turn off the water at the Vacuum Breaker until zone stops and turn back on to see if the problem is corrected. If problem still exists, you may want to call for service. There can be a variety of reasons this is happening.

What if I turn a station (zone) on and nothing happens?

Make sure that your water is turned on to the system and the valves on the Vacuum Breaker are on (parallel with pipes). Also check to make sure there is power to your controller. If this does not solve your problem, email us or see our service page for more details.

What if my system is running at a time that it's not supposed to?

Check controller programming to see if there may be multiple start times. Also check additional programs (A,B,C,D) for a start time that may have been added accidentally. If time is entered into any other program, the system will run regardless of what your setting is set to.

My rain sensor doesn’t seem to be working. What can I do to check it?

Check your controller to make sure that the rain sensor feature is turned on. If so, check display to see if it is connected or if the battery life may have ended. If the battery life has ended, you will need a new Lithium 2032 battery (this is applicable for a RainBird wireless rain sensor).

What if my rain sensor is working, but it is raining and my system is still running?

Check that your rain sensor is in the active position within the controller. There is a setting that indicates a certain threshold of rain that needs to have fallen to turn off your system. Check your settings on the display to make sure your threshold is where you want it to be. It may need to be adjusted lower, or maybe enough rain hasn’t fallen to require the system to be turned off.

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